Friday, June 01, 2012

Kirsty Wither

I have been wanting to exhibit the fabulous Kirsty Wither since I opened the gallery.  I have known her for a long time and have been a huge fan of her luscious paintings as well as her personally.  

A Pile of Plums

She's a relative youngster.  She graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen in 1990 and since then, her career has been on an upward trajectory, a rare feat for any artist. 

Time Out

With talent and a lot of hard work, Kirsty has already risen to the point of having regular solo exhibitions in London and Edinburgh, earning a growing fan base that doesn't seem to falter. 

I think people can sense that her colourful, textured paintings are more about the act of painting than the landscapes, flowers and figures they depict.  The subject matter is what the viewer sees, but the passion and enjoyment is what they feel.

Pick Me Up

She says: ‘My paintings are as much about the actual paint on the surface as about the subject matter. Working with oil paint, I build up layers of colour and texture to create an image that will hopefully have some resonance with the viewer. Being in the studio is a mysterious place where the paint takes over from any set ideas I start with and often unexpectedly leads me to a finished work. "

Blustery Country

Her work is part of many private collections all around the worked, and also several
public collections including: Eastwood District Council, Glasgow; Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh; Gleacher & Co, London; Misys plc, London.

Her beautiful work has also been very successfully reproduced as cards and posters.

Right Royal Bunch

The gallery is aglow with her paintings, and we are delighted to be exhibiting her work as part of our current Six Degrees of Separation exhibition.  The point of which was to bring together six very different, very distinctive and very successful artists.

The lovely lady with artist Laura Harrison

Kirsty sums this up and here is the stunning lady herself at the recent private viewing.  All of Kirsty's paintings can be viewed on

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  1. 'A Pile of Plums' has the most incredible blue. Who wouldn't want to own that...

  2. It looks just like that Anna, it's scrumptious!