Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Modern Master

I am surrounded by so many beautiful paintings for the Carlo Rossi RSW RGI Memorial which opens this Sunday.

Palazzi on The Canal Grande, Venice  2001

One by one, as they find their place on the walls, the gallery is coming to life with the light and beauty of Italy - the romance of Venice and the warmth of Tuscany.

Monteriggioni, Siena  2004

Carlo was perhaps best known for these beautiful scenes, but he was equally talented when it came to still life.

Duet  1984

I believe that Carlo Rossi was a modern master and looking around the gallery, before the paintings are even hung, I think this exhibition is going to showcase that.  

I'm very happy to say that there have been quite a few noses pressed up against the gallery windows and if someone manages to slip through the doors (we are closed for hanging!) the interest and admiration of the paintings has been a joy to watch.

Still Life, 1983

Carlo worked in all subject matter and explored all media.  We also have a beautiful collection of smaller unframed pieces, little treasures.

Eleganza  1955

Young Girl in Green Dress  1955

Incognita  1954

The exhibition opens this Sunday and can be viewed just now on:


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  1. I do love his colours. I can't wait to see the exhibition.