Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Spoiled For Choice!

Jeweller Sarah Anderson has been working hard to add more sparkle to the gallery with a new collection for Christmas.  A graduate of Glasgow School of Art and a versatile jeweller, she works mainly in Sterling silver and freshwater pearl, creating intricately beautiful, yet affordable pieces.

I absolutely love the silver jewellery.  Each piece is made up of tiny links, expertly chained together to create very different finishes.  The Queens Link is big and bold (I have one of these) . . . . .

The Byzantine Link is small, shiny and delicate, like spun sugar (I have both of these) . . . . .

And the Flatmail Link extravagantly caresses the skin like a delicate chain mail (a Christmas present to myself this year I think!) . . . . .

There are other finishes too, all in bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  She likes each piece to be versatile, so she does a beautiful range of charms in silver and stone and crystal that can be attached.

Her freshwater pearl work is exquisitely matched with silver adornments. Leaf twists or hearts, or a curled silver leaf encasing another pearl.  She also incorporates Swarovski crystal work.

All Sarah's work is beautifully presented in black velvet and satin-lined boxes.  An affordable extravagance!

Oops, now all my girlfriends know what they will be getting for Christmas!

Thanks for reading!


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