Friday, December 09, 2011

We're Not in Kansas Anymore . . . .

I live quite far away from the gallery and decided yesterday during Hurricane Bawbag (titter) that it wouldn't be a good idea to get in my car and face the fearsome gusts and flying branches. 

The gallery is housed in a 200 year old building - old sandstones, beams and a slate tiled roof.  As I stayed home, safe and warm, I worried that it may have been whisked away, Wizard of Oz style. 

Of course that would make me Dorothy (every little girl's dream) but even so, I am pleased to say that everything is as it should be - tiled roof is intact and oldie-fashioned swinging sign hasn't been blown off its hinges.

Inside, the Winter exhibition is still hanging beautifully, and bursting full of talent and treats.  Like Alma Wolfson's 'Mull Rainbow' . . . .

Sculptor Christine Cummings' little dog . . . . .

Gordon Wilson's 'Roister Doister' . . . . .

And Henry Fraser's 'Malina'  . . . .

The exhibition is packed full of beautiful paintings, ceramics and jewellery by the best and most varied of Scottish contemporary artists.  It's sure to keep us warm and fill us with wonder over the festive season!

So I'm glad to say we have a happy ending.  I see blue skies, even a little sunshine today!

Wait a minute . . . . hurricane, rainbow, little dog.  Does that look like the Tin Man to you?  Could Malina be a Wizard?!  Does this make me Dorothy after all, just a little bit?

Okay, perhaps I have a vivid imagination, but I think I'll wear my red shoes tonight anyway.

Thanks for reading!


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