Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Crackers

People keep commenting on how beautiful the paintings are in this year's Winter Exhibition.  It's music to my ears, and when I see the smiles and hear the lovely comments, it can make me feel all puffed up.  I realise that I see some of the paintings as my babies and I want them to be appreciated!

I also enjoy the discussion about what people like, and what they don't like, and why.  I love to show all different types of artists' work.  I think if an artist is good, then their work should be different.

That's what I look for, and hopefully it makes for an interesting exhibition.  I'm very pleased to say that the Christmas spirit is alive and well and many paintings have been lovingly bought as Christmas presents.  Here are some of the beauties that are still available!

From the top, we have a beautiful George Birrell, a striking David Martin RSW RGI and a gorgeously textured Alma Wolfson.

Above is a painting by the newly elected RSW David Smith, then a stunning figurative work from newcomer Felix Daly, and finally a flamboyant Henry Fraser.

Actually looking at the paintings that haven't yet sold, I realise that it really is a striking exhibition and I am delighted that so many people have enjoyed it.

There's still time to visit before Christmas.  But remember, a painting isn't just for Christmas, it's for life - what a gift!!

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