Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Private Affair

I'm doing something out of the ordinary tomorrow.  I'm having a private luncheon at the gallery. 

The gallery has been a venue for several evening dos which always go down well, but this is the first daytime function.  This has been timed to coincide with the Margaretann Bennett RSW exhibition as the hostess is a particular fan of her work.  She wants to introduce some of her friends to Margaretann's work, but she also loves the idea of such a dramatic backdrop for this important occasion.

So I have cleared the floor and rearranged all the sculpture and ceramics to accommodate a large banqueting table, and polished up my tables which are awaiting a beautiful buffet luncheon created by local caterers Pestle and Mortar.  

It will be lovely to see the gallery as a venue for a bustling, happy occasion and it will be interesting to see the reaction to Margaretann's collection from the newcomers to her work.


Margaretann's 'The Biscuit Thieves' happen to be positioned above what will be the buffet table - I do hope they don't help themselves!

By all accounts, the ladies who will be luncheoning are a very elegant gathering, so I also hope that Lady Vengeance . . . .


. . . . Slink

 . . . . and Shaman

 . . . . behave themselves!

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