Friday, November 11, 2011

Mixing It Up

It's all change at the end of the month.  Our winter exhibition is going to be bright, beautiful, and fabulously eclectic!

At Smithy Gallery we like to show the best of Scottish art, and the best Scottish artists are bold, distinctive and unlike anybody else.  Take Batman here!  This is 'Self Portrait as a Superhero' by well known Edinburgh artist, Henry Fraser.  I love it, and I might have to have it!

This is a stunning painting by David Martin RSW RGI, and as far as I am concerned, he is a new old master.

This is the delicate touch of Marion Thomson.  I just love some warm looking snow, like marshmallow!

And figurative work by the fearless Gordon Wilson has the direct approach that people admire.  You can't avoid 'Roister Doister's' gaze, and why would you want to!

And brand new to Smithy Gallery, the wonderful Felix Daly.  I hope sleeping beauty here keeps warm this winter.  She is also going to be the face of this exhibition, she's on the front cover of our invitation.  Look out for yours, or contact the gallery if you would like to receive one.

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