Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiptoeing Through The Talent!

The wonderful Margaretann Bennett RSW came to the gallery today to collect her unsold paintings, and I have to say, she didn't have too many to collect.  The exhibition was an incredibly well-deserved success. 

As we carefully wrapped her pieces, we tiptoed through the new paintings that have arrived for our Winter Exhibition.  All eighty-five of them!

We have paintings by David Martin RSW RGI, Ronald Smith RSW RGI, Henry Fraser, Marj Bond RSW, Gordon Wilson, Laura Harrison, Sian MacQueen RSW, David Smith RSW, Marion Thomson, George Grant, Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE . . . .  and on and on . . . . a Christmas exravaganza!

As I ever-so-sadly wrapped up the last of Margaretann's wonderful show, my heart skipped a little beat when I thought, well that David Martin could go there, and that Ronald Smith would look amazing over there!  And my mind started to race as I could see the challenge of making sure that so many beautiful and different paintings sat happily together in the gallery space.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty and talent, which I will share with you over the coming weeks.  It is why it's so important to me to do the artists' work justice by hanging them as beautifully as possible.

Now fitting it all in . . . well that's another thing . . . .

Thanks for reading!


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