Friday, October 28, 2011

Calling All Animal Lovers!

Look what's just scampered into the gallery! 

Small, fun-loving creatures have rushed to the gallery to enjoy the Margaretann Bennett RSW exhibition.  After a phenomenal start, her paintings are selling almost daily, and I guess they don't want to miss out!

Look at this chilled out pooch!  Okay, I'll come clean -  they were lovingly created by acclaimed sculptor Christine Cummings.  But I do believe they have a life of their own. And I'm sure you will too when you observe these little guys - still as statues, full of life, ceramic cuties.  Wait a minute, I'm sure that one just moved . . . ..

So, like me, they observe the collection that Margaretann has put together.  She really is the toast of the town just now, having also won an award at the 150th RGI exhibition. I think it may be her fifth award there.  It is really good to see talent, dedication and uncompromising creativity being rewarded.

Margaretann is no sheep!

Thanks for reading!


PS I love sheep