Friday, October 07, 2011

Keep Calm

I see blue skies, I see sun, I feel a fresh chill.  My favourite weather . . . .  

. . . . . I'm back.  I had to run outside there and stand in the sun listening to the sound of the river running past.  The gallery is positioned right beside a river, the river Blane (we are in Blanefield).  For those of you who think I had to go look that up, I knew that already.  Okay, I checked, just to be sure.  What a beautiful sound though.

Okay, I'm avoiding the job at hand.  It's actually a job I like, but it's huge.  After weeks of planning, I'm about to receive Margaretann Bennett's exhibition invitation brochures back from the printers.  I always feel nervous and excited about this.  I like to design them to suit each individual exhibition.  The invitation is inspired by the work itself. I love this part, I even love obsessing about it. 

But are they going to do the artist's body of work justice?  Are they going to grab the attention of the envelope-opener so they immediately run to their diary and take a note of the dates, I imagine, in a red pen with an exclamation mark!

Here's a sneaky peak of part of the invite.

This is 'Dirty Blonde, Little Black Dress'.  Each painting has a fabulous title, and so much more behind it.  I'm really looking forward to the discussion the exhibition is going to stimulate.

So in preparation, there are the envelopes . . . envelopes, labels and stamps on every surface I can see. 

Margaretann is busy finishing off her new collection of works, and I'm worried about whether my stamps are straight.  Well, my last post did highlight the many important aspects that go into running a gallery. . . .!

I'm now up to a thousand envelopes . . . I need a break, I'm off for five minutes of river susurrus (my new favourite word - look it up!).

Thanks for reading!


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