Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gallery Girls

The Margaretann Bennett RSW exhibition opened on Sunday and I'm pleased to say it was a great success. After so much preparation, my breath was held as it always is, until more and more people came through the door.  The smiling faces, the delight and the conversation was like a warm blanket.  I felt myself relax and I really enjoyed the day.  I so wanted Margaretann's beautiful new collection to be appreciated, and it was.  

There was a great atmosphere.  The gallery seemed transformed into something else.  The power and beauty of Margaretann's paintings, all the different characters dancing in the room, created an exciting energy which I think most people felt.  Margaretann has sold an amazing fifteen paintings already, which reflects the enthusiasm for her work. 

We all got a little affected by the paintings, and dressed the part.  Look at these ladies in black!  This is me, Margaretann and Obsidian.  But who is who?!  I think I'll let you work it out!

Many thanks to Margaretann, for her work and also for being such a wonderful presence in the gallery.

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