Friday, November 08, 2013

Still Life?

Liz Knox is a well-known still life painter, but with a difference.  Still lifes can often be simply about the objects presented, or they can be about painting itself where the objects are used as a basis for creative use of tone and texture.

One Fallen Petal
A Liz Knox still life is full of meaning. At first the viewer sees the flowers in the foreground, but then on looking past realises that the background is full of objects and symbols.
Souvenirs and Sunflowers

This exhibition in entitled 'Flowers and Circumstances' and that is a huge clue to what the paintings represent.

By A Side Canal

A good painting captures your gaze, but a really wonderful painting captures your thought process and changes its course, drawing you in to another world if only for a moment.

Bright Anemones

Each Liz Knox painting achieves just that.  Each appears to be a still life painting, but they are far from still.
We are delighted to be exhibiting these beautiful paintings until 17 November.
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