Friday, November 15, 2013

All Change

Our attentions are now turning to the exciting exhibition that is coming next.

Artist and writer Alasdair Gray has chosen two of his favourite artists to exhibit with this winter.

Happily they are two of our favourites:  artist Joyce Gunn Cairns and Herald cartoonist Steven Camley, whose work couldn't be more contrasting, but this is going to make for a vibrant and exciting exhibition. 

Both of these artists are greatly admired at Smithy Gallery, and alongside the inimitable Alasdair Gray, we have an incomparable trio.

This three-person exhibition opens Sunday 24 November and continues until 22 December.

But we still have a weekend to go of our fabulous Liz Knox exhibition.  This has been a beautiful and bold experience and people have loved the colour and confidence of this exhibition, warming us all up just as winter approaches.
Thank you so much to Liz Knox for creating such a gorgeous collection of works that have been greatly admired, several of which are off to very happy homes.
This exhibition continues until Sunday and can be viewed on our website:
Thanks for reading!

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