Friday, November 22, 2013

Almost Ready

There is still a lot to do to be ready in time for Sunday's exhibition preview, but I think it's coming together quite nicely.
We are hanging beautiful works by three very different artists.  We have screen prints and original paintings by the inimitable Alasdair Gray. 
Most of Alasdair's works originated as illustrations for his writings.  They are incredibly bold on impact, and on closer inspection, so rich with meaning.

Paintings by Joyce Gunn Cairns can be delicate on impact but then the strength behind them slowly emerges until these subtle and beautiful works pack a real punch.  A formidable combination.

Steven Camley's exquisite cartoons again need a little attention and as the imagery, deft drawing and captions come together, the realisation of the amount of talent in these perfect cartoons hits you and you can't help smile and want one for yourself! 

So lots to get ready to give this special show a special preview.
We open this Sunday 24th, and the exhibition continues until 22nd December.
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