Friday, September 20, 2013

The Artist's Artist

We are into the second week of our five week Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI exhibition and as I had hoped for, the appreciation of this artist's work has been phenomenal.
What is noticeable about this exhibition is the number of artists who have visited and bought paintings.  It is common for artists to swap paintings with each other, but quite a few have seen the painting that they have loved and gone for it without hesitation.

Sandy has often been described as 'the artist's artist', and this is why.  His work is incredibly admired by his contemporaries, the sign of an incredible talent.
Most painters look at Sandy's work in awe because of his complex but instinctive understanding and appreciation of colour and tone.  He has an uninhibited ability to create a painting out of completely unique tones and colours. Mixing, scraping back and remixing.  The completed painting is a layering of beautiful finishes from which the subject emerges.


Add to this texture, draughtsmanship, and passion and you have an outstandingly talented painter.

And of course it isn't just artists who love his work, and the sales testify to that.  Over thirty paintings have sold already and I am now glad at the amount of works we have managed to hang for this exhibition. There are plenty more for people to enjoy over the next three weeks.
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