Wednesday, September 04, 2013


All of the work arrived today for the Sandy Murphy exhibition: paintings, studies and sketches. 
Because I have been dealing with images for a while, it is such a pleasure to finally see the finished works, which in Sandy's case are always far superior.
Sandy's attention to detail is also reflected in the way the works are mounted and framed. Everything is presented beautifully, adding even more to the quality of this exhibition

Another bonus was having the artist there himself to help with the hanging of the exhibition. Sandy has put so much thought into this exhibition including how it will be presented in the gallery.
This is a first in my experience, and it was a great thrill to have an artist I respect so much appreciate all the different ways that the gallery space can house an exhibition. 


The way in which an exhibition is presented has great impact on how each individual work is viewed.  To work with someone who values this as much as I do was incredibly satisfying,
So it has been a good start, but there is a lot more to do before Sunday's exhibition preview.

The works have to be seen to be believed.  The little studies are exquisite in their variety and lead to the most beautiful paintings.

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