Friday, September 27, 2013


There are an unbelievable amount of beautiful paintings in our Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI exhibition.  We have had a record numbers of visitors from all over Scotland and also from Europe, coming especially to see the exhibition!   
Purple Cloth  oil on canvas  31x31ins
And this is why . . . .

Loudon Hill   acrylic on paper  13x16ins
Anyone who knows Sandy's work knows why he is one of Scotland's leading painters, but this exhibition has a particular diversity of works as we explore the process behind the finished paintings.

Hillside Ayrshire  oil on canvas  40x42ins
Shown here are just some of my favourite paintings, and studies that are presently unsold.
Study for Autumn Pines  charcoal on paper  17x22ins 
And from these examples, you can hopefully see the variety that is making this exhibition such a full experience for fans of Sandy Murphy's, for artists, and for art-lovers in general.
Lilac Sky  gouache on paper  15x15ins

There are around sixty small studies that have been flying off the walls.  These may be small, but they are meticulous in there detail, texture and colour just like the larger, finished pieces.


Study for Silver Flowe  mixed media  6x8ins
We have designed this exhibition to last five weeks as we know there are a lot of people still wanting to come and see it. Also many people like to re-visit as there is a lot to take in.

Autumn Trees  acrylic on paper  26x27ins
The exhibition continues until 13 October.
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