Friday, September 06, 2013

Process: An Exhibition of Ideas, Sketches and Paintings

The Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI exhibition has come together really beautifully and it's now all about the finishing touches in preparation for the preview on Sunday.

With the help of the artist we have hung over eighty paintings and related studies, and the exhibition promises to be a delight for fans of Sandy Murphy's work.


It should also be of great interest to any fan of painting.  In sketchbooks and studies relating to the final paintings, the process behind the beautiful final pieces that Sandy is renowned for is shared.  
This really is a rare glimpse into the development of a painting from the artist's initial inspiration.  This whole idea was conceived by Sandy Murphy and we are absolutely delighted to be housing this exhibition.


It has been hugely anticipated and I am very glad it's almost time to preview it.  I have be enjoying it very much already and I really can't wait to share it with everybody.
Process: An Exhibition of Ideas, Sketches and Paintings previews this Sunday 8th September 2-5pm.
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