Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They're Here!

It's a beautiful day today.  The little cottage garden outside the gallery is blooming, but something far more important is happening. . . .

The new Gordon Wilson paintings have arrived! 

The gallery walls have been stripped bare, the Summer exhibition dismantled and carefully wrapped - always a little saddening.  But when the new paintings arrive just in the nick of time, again the excitement builds!

Gordon has accomplished quite a collection for his solo exhibition.  This is just one corner of the gallery, and from what I can see nestling beneath the bubble wrap, it's going to be a full and fabulous show!

I have seen all the images, but now I get to unwrap, get close up and personal, and enjoy soaking up the nuances of the paintings in the days leading up to the private view this Sunday. 

It's a process and a challenge that I love.  It can be hard work hanging an exhibition in order to do justice to the time, effort and talent of the artist.  Scissors at the ready. . . . !

Thanks for reading!



  1. What a buzz it must feel like Christmas evertime.....happy hanging (metaphorically speaking lol)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. I call this hanging week! Not the best term in the world, but that's what it is!!