Friday, July 01, 2011


There's a point when I'm running an exhibition when I have to start thinking about the next one. Of course the exhibitions are booked months in advance, but it's when the artist or artists start to send images of the new paintings, that I begin to get excited. 

So here we go . . . a taster! 

After the current Summer exhibition, we are having a solo exhibition with artist Gordon Wilson.  Gordon, a relative youngster (anyone under 45 is considered young in the art world!) has been taking the Scottish art scene by storm, with his bold paintings and ebullient personality leaving a trail of admirers in his wake.

The exhibition opens 31 July and I will be sharing more about Gordon and his paintings in the run up to it. 

In the meantime, as the images come in, the invitation/catalogue for the exhibition will start to take shape.  I take much time and pleasure in the design, as I enjoy getting a semblance of the mood and the feel of the upcoming show

So I'm multi-tasking, focusing on the current exhibition and all that entails, whilst allowing myself to get excited planning the next one.  I am also listening to Andy Murray play in the Wimbledon semi-final.  So it's proper multi-tasking!  Go Andy! 

And of course, go Gordon!

Thanks for reading!


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