Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI

I'm very, very excited. 

One of my dreams when I was younger was to have an art gallery when I grew up.  Check!

Then, when I was lucky enough to know and love the work of so many artists, the dream was to one day have an exhibition by the artist Sandy Murphy. 

I was a painter myself and it was Sandy's work that I most admired.  He is a truly wonderful artist, and when I look at his work, it can literally take my breath away.  The layering, the texture and the exquisite colour unites in an alchemy, yielding a beauty to behold.

This has been a dream of mine for a long time and it's happening in September.  I'm over the moon!  If anyone isn't familiar with his work, then have a look as these three beauties, although nothing compares to seeing them in person. 


These three paintings will be part of his featured artist show which opens 4 September.  Please put it in your diaries and if anyone would like to receive a catalogue, email the gallery with your address details and I will be happy to send you one when they are available.

Thanks for reading!



  1. looking fab, loving the work xx

  2. Enjoying sharing the artwork and gallery chat on the Blog :)

  3. Thanks Anon and Elizabeth! Glad you are enjoying the work!

  4. Great looking blog, and Sandy Murphy's paintings look wonderful.