Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quirky or Narrative?

I'm not a fan of the word quirky so I'm having a root around in my thesaurus for something better.

Stranded Captain and Skipper

Unconventional, idiosyncratic, hmmm not happy with these either.  Gordon Wilson's paintings are often described this way, but I think they are narratives.

When All Around Are Losing Theirs

One look, and there is a story unfolding, unlike anything else you will see that day.

A Cat on a Belty's Back

Not only are they beautifully painted, but you are drawn into the artist's world, which looks like a pretty joyous place to be.

Beach Boy and The Bird

Gordon Wilson is well known for his landscape painting, delighting in the light and beauty around us.  But I think these narrative paintings compliment beautifully.  They come from within and allow us to have a little more insight  into the artist.

Wee Gee and The Big Bumble Bee

And he is incredibly quirky!

The exhibition continues until 31 March.

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