Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gordon Wilson Exhibtion

The beautiful exhibition of works by Gordon Wilson has been going very well.  There are so many impressive paintings in this solo exhibition, but these are some of the ones that I particularly love.


Red Sail

I love the gentle sweep of this painting and how the title draws your eye to the horizon.

Stranded Captain and Skipper

I am a huge fan of Gordon's boat paintings.  The tonal subtlety of this painting is superb next to the absurd nature of the subject matter.  It makes me smile.


The Blethers

I love to see two ladies discussing The Blethers.  The painting is hung high in the gallery and life imitating art is fabulous to watch.  Everybody loves this painting.

Big Dark Dumgoyne

Gordon Wilson is particularly well known for his unmistakable landscape paintings.  His palette has always been strong, but the spectrum has been widening.

Winter Firs

He loves his Scottish surroundings and the many moods and shifting tones are expressed in his paintings.

Red, Skye


All of these paintings are even more impressive in person.  As a whole the exhibition is bold, dynamic and life-affirming.

Sundown Daisies


The artist is aptly able to transfer his lust for life into his works.  I think this is what so many people respond so positively to.  The sales have been coming thick and fast and I am delighted to be holding this special exhibition.

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