Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brilliant Show!

When an exhibition is having a great response, I always wish it could last a bit longer. The Gordon Wilson exhibition ends this Sunday and it does feel a little too soon.

Every time I hang a new exhibition, the look and also the mood of the gallery is transformed. This exhibition has had a striking, bright and bold effect.  I have loved it, as have the many visitors.

Gordon Wilson's career has been growing in leaps and bounds, and the response to his paintings has reflected this.  Many good exhibitions unfortunately don't get the sales that they deserve, but Gordon does.

We have sold over a third of the exhibition so far, and we still have a week to go.  Every painting is just as gorgeous as the next, so I will be sorry to see the end of this show.

So while the odd snowflake falls, the warmth of Gordon's paintings cast a glow about the gallery.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 31st March.  Don't miss it!

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