Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Joy of Gordon

All eyes are turning to the fabulous Gordon Wilson as we prepare for his upcoming solo exhibition.

The Beached Navigator

Opening at the beginning of March, this is the highly anticipated second exhibition with this successful Scottish painter, such was the success of his first exhibition almost two years ago.

Utopian Washday

Gordon is busy completing his collection of new paintings, but some of the finished pieces are beginning to arrive at the gallery.

This is always an exciting time for me as so much is in the planning of an exhibition, but when I see the paintings arriving at the gallery, I can stop and remember that this is what it's really all about.

Bee Gone
Beach Boy and The Bird

When All Around Are Losing Theirs

Wee Gee and  The Big Bumble Bee

It's such a pleasure to be surrounded by Gordon's paintings.  Not only are they bold and vibrant, but there is such joy about them.

He is putting his biggest and best collection of works together yet,  including landscape, figurative and narrative paintings.

Sundown Daisies

All the paintings will be appearing on the website soon.


The exhibition opens on 3rd March.

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