Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Collection

The paintings have arrived for the Gordon Wilson solo exhibition opening this Sunday!

When I look around at all of the paintings peaking out from beneath their wrapping, it is then that it becomes apparent just how much the artist has to work to put together a solo exhibition.  It makes me proud if that doesn't sound too foolish.

For months I work in conjunction with an artist, discussing an exhibition and all the details that go into that, but when I see the results of their dedication over those months, to their work and to the upcoming exhibition, I feel a swell of pride.

The paintings sit there very modestly, but the weight of the time, effort and talent that's gone into them begins to fill the room.  I know what this feeling means, it means we have an impressive exhibition on our hands, an event.

We are of course talking about Gordon Wilson, and we have held a solo exhibition of his before and it was an event.  But that was almost two years ago, and I think I feel something even more.  A true artist always has to evolve, he can't stay the same, because as individuals we are hopefully always evolving throughout life.

This is what I can feel from Gordon's work.  It's not even properly unwrapped, and I can feel a certain strength.  Rather than a number of paintings, he has created a collection.

The exhibition previews on Sunday 3 March, 2pm to 5pm.  I can't wait!

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