Friday, February 01, 2013

Gordon Wilson Goes Solo

We are excitedly turning our attentions to our first solo exhibition of the year.  New paintings by Gordon Wilson will be opening at the beginning of March.

Red, Skye

A Smithy Gallery favourite, this will be Gordon's second solo exhibition with us.

A Belty on The Bow

He has been working solidly to put together his biggest and best collection yet.  I am just getting to see the first images myself as the collection is being completed, but I already know that this will be another success.

Wee Gee and Bee

Gordon Wilson is a well known and very successful Scottish painter whose reputation goes from strength to strength.  A relative youngster in his early forties, his passion for his subject matter and for painting itself has earned him many successful exhibitions and places in art collections all over the country, and no doubt beyond.

Red Sail, East Coast

He is particularly popular in Scotland I think because of the boldness in his work and also the humour that underlies many of his pieces.  He is also not afraid to visit the darker narrative as well.

The Navigator

It's work you can't ignore, and that's what we like!  Watch this space for more beauties to come . . . .

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