Friday, November 09, 2012

A Trove of Treasures

To add to our wonderful collection of paintings and to make this year's Winter Exhibition extra special, we also have works by a group of well known applied artists.

Sculpture by Shaun McLaren

I love Shaun McLaren's work.  He works with driftwood and found objects and finesses them into fine and delightful pieces of sculpture.

Glass by Jane Charles

Jane Charles is one of the best glass artists I know.  She creates beautiful bowls and perfume bottles that appear to capture the light around them. Her work is of the finest quality.

Ceramics by Pauline Zelinski

Pauline Zelinski is also one of the finest ceramic artists I know.  She combines beautiful design with hand-painting and creates a wide range from platters, to bowls to jugs.  Each piece is practical, but ultimately a beautiful piece of art.

Ceramics by Anne Morrison

Anne Morrison is a well known ceramicist combining the ancient art of Raku firing with modern design.  The driftwood she often uses is a beautiful complement to the ceramic's dappled glaze.

Sculpture by Christine Cummings

Christine Cummings' love of animals is apparent in her expressive hand-moulded sculptures.  She charmingly captures the character of her subjects, from dogs and cats to sheep and horses.

Jewellery by Sarah Anderson

We have a fabulous collection of jewellery by Sarah Anderson.  She works in exquisite detail with sterling silver creating a variety of chains to beautiful effect.  She also works with freshwater pearls.  Her necklaces and bracelets, beautifully finished with silver charms are very popular at the gallery.

So along with our twenty five painters, I'd say we have the best Winter Exhibition in town!!

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