Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The C Word

I think it's almost now acceptable to mention the C word!

Christmas will be upon us before we know it, so we are going to embrace the spirit with a special festive event at the gallery on the evening of 6th December.

Our Night Before Christmas!

We have had a very good year and it will also be our 7th birthday at the end of November.  So we want to take this chance to thank our valued customers and of course any newcomers to the gallery this year.  

Our Winter Exhibition will be transformed into our Christmas Exhibition, with many new arrivals.

It will also be a celebration of success in challenging times.  Our artists have been producing the most beautiful works and we are always grateful to them for making the exhibitions at the gallery so special.

Please take a note of times - we would love to see you there!

Thanks for reading!


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