Friday, February 10, 2012

Selling Well

They say blondes have more fun.  I think this Blonde is looking slightly perturbed because she is the only painting left out of Margaretann Bennett's collection of four at The Affordable Art Show (the three that sold were brunettes. . . . just saying . . .).

As I brush back my long dark hair, I'm pondering how well most of the artists are doing at our annual  Affordable Art Show.  Many are selling three or more paintings out of their collections of up to six.  Emma Waine (below) has only one left.

Lovely Marion Thomson (below) has sold three of her five.  I'm so proud when the artists sell well, but of course in an ideal world, I want everyone to sell just as well.

As always, it's almost impossible to predict which paintings will or wont sell, but sometimes I am surprised when an artist whose work I love hasn't sold.  George Grant's work is sensitive, evocative and compelling.  He's been popular at Smithy Gallery for a long time, and he has given us these beautiful small works.

I am interested in George's work because it stands out as something different.  The edges are curved because he paints directly onto a wooden panel shaped that way.  He works on layers and layers, building up a feeling as much as a impression of the landscape.

You really do feel something when you look at them, like you've have just caught a unique moment before the light changes.  This one is called Postcard From Ailsa.  Over the painting, the artist transcribes an old original letter or postcard.  It's sweet and romantic and just lovely.

We've still got two weeks to go though and many more paintings to sell!  I wonder what will be next . . . .

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