Friday, February 24, 2012

Scotland's Best Kept Secret

This is a phrase that was coined by a very well known Scottish painter, referring to the artist Laura Harrison.  And I agree.  In my opinion, this artist is one of Scotland's most versatile and she has quite a following particularly at Smithy Gallery.  But her name isn't as well known as the talent demands.  Until now!

We are delighted to at last be having a solo exhibition of Laura Harrison's most recent works.  The work is arriving at the gallery now and the bubblewrap is being whipped off.  Each painting is a feast for the eyes and heart.  Her brush just oozes talent, and her still lifes and landscapes capture the viewer's attention and don't let go.  Here's a sneaky peak as the paintings arrive!

Her grounding during the heyday at Glasgow School of Art in the 60s can clearly be seen.  Her skill and her love of drawing and painting allow the expression and creativity to come out with a flourish.  Each painting is full of life, with appreciation for the subject but moreso for colour and for painting itself.

She has also created a series of small flower paintings for this exhibition which I just love.  Each one is quite beautiful and I definitely have to have one of them!

Laura Harrison's solo exhibition opens on Sunday 4 March at 2pm.

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