Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Darling Buds

I saw buds today, no question.  Either crocus or snowdrop, pushing there way upwards, defying the icy soil and reminding me that . . . . spring is on the way!

Perfect timing for the exhibition we have planned for the beginning of March.  Laura Harrison is well known for her still life and landscape paintings, but she has been creating a beautiful series of flower paintings. 

Her work is very much about paint, texture and colour, and flowers are a perfect subject with which to convey energy, optimism and beauty.

Laura Harrison is well known at Smithy Gallery and there has been quite a bit of demand already for images of the new paintings, so here is a taster of some of the vivid flower paintings that will be part of the exhibition.

Spring is definitely in the air with sweet peas, tulips, daisies, and colour colour colour!  But there is a joyful energy about the paintings that makes them extra special.

They are even more vibrant and beautiful in person.   These are all smaller paintings and judging from her sales in the current Affordable Art Show, will be snapped up early on.  The brochures will be sent out soon, so please note any interest as soon as possible. 

New Paintings by Laura Harrison opens 4th March.

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