Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Last Week

When the gallery has a solo exhibition it goes without saying that you want to do your best for that artist and of course you want to sell everything!  The former is a little easier than the latter.



When I have a solo exhibition with an artist it is because I love their work and I like and respect them also.  So naturally my highest hopes are for them to be incredibly pleased with the result.

The Margaretann Bennett solo exhibition ends this Sunday and thankfully there has been a great response and lots of sales.  But . . . . several beautiful paintings have yet to sell and I'm showcasing them on the blog today.
Another Time, Another Place
These are the paintings that I have loved from the moment I saw them.  They are hanging beautifully in the gallery and they are just missing one thing - a red dot!

In my experience, the last week of a solo exhibition is a busy one.  Many people grab a painting immediately and some wait to see if the one they want is still available at the end of an exhibition before going for it.



So if you want to see what is still available, please visit the website at  http://www.smithygallery.com/

Snow Flurry, Dumgoyne

It has been a joy to stage this exhibition of new paintings by Margaretann.  She works incredibly hard and she puts great time, effort and feeling into her multi-layered paintings.

Writing Set and Three Keys

The exhibition continues until 5pm on Sunday 16th.

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