Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Cabinet of Curios

When we have a solo exhibition, we like the artist to take advantage of our glass display cabinets that feature in the centre of the gallery.
These can be used to display sketchbooks, sketches, or anything that the artist feels compliments their new collection of works.
I knew when Margaretann Bennett came to using the cabinets, they would be nothing short of wonderful.

Alongside smaller unframed paintings, the artist has filled the cabinets with objects she has collected over the years, many of which inspire and also feature in her paintings.

These include antique love letters, exotic beetles, jewellery and beautiful examples of turn of the century photography.



This exhibition has attracted many visitors and one by one these uniquely beautiful paintings are finding homes to go to.
The exhibition continues until 16 November and all of the works can be viewed on the website:
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