Friday, December 20, 2013

End of The Year

Our Alasdair Gray, Joyce Gunn Cairns and Steven Camley exhibition is ending tomorrow with just a few days to spare before Christmas.

Joyce Gunn Cairns - Toby and His Burd

It has been a wonderful exhibition and I must thank these three amazing artists again for their beautiful works.

Steven Camley - Herald Cartoon


Such distinctive and well-known work has drawn great numbers and it has been an incredible show to host at this time of year.

Alasdair Gray - May in Black Armchair

And now for a well-earned rest!  Smithy Gallery is going on holiday and will be closed from Sunday 22 December until 10 January.

Have a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year and all our thanks to the artists and customers who have been a great supporters of the gallery.  Here's to a wonderful 2014!

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