Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Brief Encounter

I can never predict which paintings are going to sell from an exhibition.  It's the beginning of the third week of our current Fifty Shades of Glasgow exhibition and 22 of the 50 paintings have already sold, which is wonderful. 

I find it interesting that all three scenes of Glasgow Central Station have sold.  Sales from this particular exhibition have been very much to do with the association the buyer might have with the scene, a personal connection.

I always find railway stations a little romantic.  For me, Central Station conjures up memories of meeting people under the big clock which hung from the glass ceiling.  A perfect meeting place for friends or first dates!  You could always spot the latter looking shifty and a tiny bit petrified.

Scenes from Brief Encounter come to mind - a shadowy figure emerging through the steam.  Okay, there are no steam trains in Central Station, and I think I may be projecting here. 

In reality, each client had very different reasons for their purchases.  Some divulge, some don't.  But buy they do, and they all have a little piece of Glasgow to take home with them.

This popular exhibition runs until Sunday 12th May.

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