Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alasdair Gray and Steven Camley

I find it immensely encouraging when one artist endorses another.  The writer and artist Alasdair Gray was one of those whose interest in Steven Camley's work originally encouraged me to have this exhibition.

Such was his enthusiasm for his talent, that I couldn't help but be immediately interested.  It didn't take long for me to share this enthusiasm.

We got together earlier in the year and had the great pleasure of going through many of the original paintings behind the cartoons that appear in The Herald on a daily basis.  We finally chose sixty to be framed for the exhibition.  Not an easy task, but one of the most enjoyable afternoons I have had at the gallery.

Of course Steven Camley's opinion was paramount, so once he was happy with the final collection, our good friend Nichol Wheatley arranged to have them framed beautifully for us.  He also created a fabulous film montage of many unframed cartoons that are also available within the exhibition.

We opened last week and haven't looked back.  Twenty-nine have sold already to some very happy people.  Steven's daily cartoon has had a huge fan-base for years and as Alasdair Gray has said:

'Newspaper cartoons are sold cheaply in such large quantities that hardly anyone thinks the original pictures from which they are scanned have value till after the cartoonist dies. This exhibition is a chance to acquire an original work to enjoy before posterity catches up with you.'

I'm so delighted that so many people are agreeing with him.

This exhibition continues until 9 June.

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