Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE

I met up with one of my favourite artists yesterday.  Joyce Gunn Cairns is a fabulous Edinburgh artist who dares to delve, and who doesn't shy away from anything that her art enables her to explore. 

Joyce in her studio

She exhibited recently in a two person exhibition at the gallery with the famed writer and artist, Alasdair Gray.  The exhibition was a hugely successful and joyous experience and I can't wait to exhibit Joyce's work again.

Lady Lazurus

She is one of the most interesting and talented people I know, completely dedicated to her work.  She creates powerful works with a lightness of touch that I haven't observed before.

Literature and poetry is also a passion of hers and she sometimes incorporates a poet's verse into the piece.  This beautiful sketch of a hare is accompanied by 'The Hare's Form' by Valerie Gillies.

Detail from a new painting - Absence

I'm glad to say I will be receiving new works by Joyce as part of our upcoming November exhibition.

Not being able to wait that long, I have chosen several unframed beautiful drawings from her studio which can be viewed in the gallery browser.  Thank you Joyce!

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