Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I surprised myself by being completely swept up in everything to do with the Olympic Games.  I have never really been a sports-lover, but the games opened up my eyes to what their forte can mean to the individuals competing, to the spectators, and to the people who have perhaps followed an individual career trajectory.  They witness the highs, the lows, and most of all the extraordinary passion and determination.

All of us who chose to get into the Olympic spirit saw this too.  We also saw how inspired people from all walks of life were and how the achievements of the athletes or lack there of (in their eyes) are echoed in so many other areas of life.

I believe that knowing your passion and being able to strive to achieve great things within that passion is an immense gift.  I think to be challenged and driven is one of the keys to happiness.  Whether this is to huge or tiny ends it doesn't really matter, but caring about it does.

I realise that the artists that I work with and admire all have this quality.  Some say it can be a double-edged sword.  Such personal drive can lead to heartache in the low times, but I believe that the passion for their work and hopefully enough highs, make up for this.

Thank you to the three wonderful artists who we are currently exhibiting.  They are all at different stages in their careers, but they all have this champion quality.  I admire them very much.

Sian MacQueen RSW . . . .

David Smith RSW . . . .

David Martin RSW RGI . . . .

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