Friday, August 05, 2011

Time Out!

You may have noticed that I have spoken quite a lot about the current Gordon Wilson solo exhibition.  As it continues for the next three weeks, I've decided to give it a rest today and show you the clocks that have just arrived at the gallery. 

Made individually by artist Ian Roberts. A true craftsman, he works mainly with the raku technique originating several centuries ago in Japan.  This results in this beautiful crackled effect.  Each piece is very beautiful, but also unique.

Each clock has a little mouse hiding in it.  Ian always asks me, with or without the mouse?  I say yes to the mouse!

But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to mention that Gordon Wilson has now sold twenty paintings, and we are not even a week in!  Expectations have been exceeded and it's a brilliant start to a wonderful exhibition.  It's on until 28 August and still many beautiful works to choose from.  Oops, couldn't help it!!

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