Friday, January 23, 2015

Kevin Low

Kevin Low is one of the exhibiting artists in our current Affordable Art Show and his work stands out though as something quite original and unique.

The Thief

The work is striking and enigmatic.  Each painting draws you into the world of a carefully crafted character. They are at once intriguing, witty and mysterious.  And most intriguing of all, this isn’t painting as we know it.

The Bachelor

At first glance these could be oil paintings, but there is a unique quality to them and on closer inspection, something completely different. 

Kevin is using a relatively new digital technique to create his beautiful works.  Recently championed by David Hockney, the technique of digital painting is being explored by more and more artists. 

The Rival

Never to replace painting, it is another medium that can now be used to create works of art. He draws his work with a digital tablet and pen.  The images are then printed using archival papers and inks. Each print is produced only in an edition of 10, making them pleasingly more affordable.

Kevin is fast becoming one of Scotland’s best-known digital painters.

The paintings will be on show until 22 February.

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