Monday, September 01, 2014

Joyce Gunn Cairns Solo Exhibition

We are delighted that all the works for the Joyce Gunn Cairns solo exhibition have now arrived at the gallery.
This is a stunning collection of large and small oil paintings, drawings, sketches and screen prints.

I think it is always a great pleasure to see the stages of work that lead up to a finished oil painting.  We will be exhibiting a large collection of intricate sketches and studies.


Joyce is an artist who works tirelessly and passionately on her chosen subjects.  Her creative figurative works explore many issues and her wildlife studies depict her fascination for the animal world.



She also works closely with writers, artists and musicians who, like me, have the great pleasure of visiting her in her Edinburgh studio.  This is an Aladdin's Cave of creative energy.

Joyce is what I would term a true artist.  She is in her studio seven days a week.  She is her work.  And the passion that goes into it is reflected in the passionate response from the viewer.

Smithy Gallery is greatly honoured to be hosting her latest solo exhibition.


The exhibition previews on Sunday 7th September, 2-5pm.  Champagne and chocolates will be served and the artist will be present. 

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