Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Barbara Franc - Dynamic Sculpture

The phenomenal Barbara Franc is one of those artists you hope for.  Something different, and very very brilliant.
Hare Bounding

London artist Barbara Franc attended Morley College of Art in the late 70s where she studied Life Drawing under Maggie Hambling and John Bellany.  

Yellow and Turquoise Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw
She uses wire and other materials in a way that suggests drawing in three dimensions. This allows greater freedom to add changes during the construction to keep the feeling fluid and to reflect the diversity of movement and form. 


Great Tit

Blue Tit

The birds are made with steel wire and recycled coloured tin, selected for colour, cut to shape, sanded and soldered onto the wire armature.  

Hare Leaping

For the hares, linen fabric, leather and wire is bound around a wood and plaster armature, incorporating found materials such as knitting needles and typewriter keys into the sculpture.  The images actually don't do the work justice.  They are incredibly dynamic and the have a weight and presence about them that greatly adds to the impact.

Long-tailed Tits

Increasingly she is using recycled and discarded materials as she enjoys the challenge of transforming something with a past history into something new and exciting. The results are stunning.       

Great Tit



We are delighted to be showing these Barbara Franc sculptures and more.

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