Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Henry Fraser and Paul Barnes

Our Tim'rous Beasties exhibition has some fabulous artists exhibiting, and here are two of them: Paul Barnes and Henry Fraser.

King Monkey by Paul Barnes

The Dawn of The Golden Owl by Paul Barnes


Paul Barnes' work is instantly recognisable. His ethereal works enchant the viewer. The subjects seem as if from a world of extended metaphor and gentle strangeness.

Black Deer by Paul Barnes


They are exquisitely painted in fine detail on a textured plaster base.  This creates a lovely juxtaposition between the rough and the delicate.
Craw Bogle by Henry Fraser

Henry Fraser is another artist whose work grabs the attention and intrigues the viewer.

We Use These For Meat by Henry Fraser

His paintings compel the viewer to connect at a deeper level. Whether it is the emotions felt or the memories triggered, the experience is a significant one and the lasting impression is one of warmth and affinity, but not always.

Not a Happy Bunny by Henry Fraser

Craw by Henry Fraser

These works and many more can be viewed until 18 May.
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