Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Gallery News

We are back from our holidays and are busy organising a fabulous line-up of exhibitions for the rest of 2013.

Opening on September 8, we have an exhibition I have wanted to have since opening the gallery in 2005. 

Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI has been an inspiration of mine since I was an aspiring painter myself.  I believe that he is the best painter that Scotland has to offer.

This is an exhibition that he has always wanted to have and I feel very lucky that he is choosing to have it at Smithy Gallery.

Process: Ideas, Sketches and Paintings is a concept that I love.  Sandy is allowing people to see the development of a painting from its initial conception in the sketchbook. 

I feel that seeing into an artist's sketchbook is a little like being allowed a peak at their diary.  A very personal insight into how an artist really works. Also on show will be the multi-media works that Sandy works through until the final painting evolves into life on canvas.

Sandy will hang the exhibition himself in the way he wants his work to be viewed, a first at Smithy Gallery.

A beautiful catalogue is being produced for this exhibition.

Then in October, we have a first at Smithy Gallery.  I have often admired the bold and beautiful works by painter Liz Knox and am delighted to be hosting a solo exhibition of her new works Flowers and Circumstances.

Liz will be showing alongside renowned sculptor Tom Allan.  The gallery walls will be devoted to Liz, and the floor to Tom's marble and stone sculpture. A real meeting of the bold and the beautiful.

In November we are delighted to be presenting works by Alasdair Gray alongside Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE and Steven Camley.

Herald cartoonist Steven Camley had a sell-out show at the gallery in June and we are excited to have been approached by Alasdair Gray, a fan of his and of Edinburgh star Joyce Gunn Cairns, to hold an exhibition of works by these three dynamic artists, forerunners in their fields.

Watch this space for more information.

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