Friday, July 05, 2013

Margaretann Bennett RSW

I have been a fan of Margaretann Bennett's work for many years now.  Her work is incredibly recognisable, a quality I love in a good artist. 


The work speaks for itself, but I am also a fan of Margaterann herself.  For me, knowing and liking the artist adds even more to the work.

She studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1991 and then worked as a freelance designer. A desire to experience other areas of artistic practice led her to explore etching and lithography. She has also studied paper-making, and the use of paper in an innovative manner is fundamental to her work.


While her work has extensively explored landscape and still life, her more current work is figurative, as you can see. 

Whether real or imaginary, her characters have to have a strong sense of the individual, and people seem to have one of two reactions: unnerved or utterly compelled.  All I know is, they never stay in the gallery long.

What I like most about Margaterann is that she is utterly true to herself.  She isn't inspired by what sells.  For her, it's about the creation of the work and her development as an artist.  This is a rare quality indeed, and I admire it greatly.  She will take time and space to live and development and to see in what direction her work grows.  Having her work in the gallery, and the reaction that follows, is always an exciting experience.


Her strong work has deservedly gained in reputation over the years, and the awards have been plentiful including the Mabel MacKinlay Awards (RGI, 2011); The Scottish Arts Club Award (RSW, 2010); The Inverarity One to One Travel Award (RGI 2007); The Armour Award (RGI 2006); The William Bowie Award (PAI 2006); and she is also an elected member of the Royal Society of Watercolourists.

We are showing these paintings in our Summer Exhibition until 12th July.

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