Friday, June 17, 2011


The rain is pouring down today, ah joy.  I'm tempted to light my little wood-burning stove. . . . too much?  

Nevertheless I am pleased to say that people have been coming in out of the rain and our 'Summer' exhibition is still in full swing!

Paintings by Marion Thomson have just been gazed at longingly.  Scottish scenes with blue skies and clouds ever-present, but with a subtlety of colour and warmth of tone.  The Scotland we know and love, on a good day!

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Marion Thomson's work explores combinations of light and weather, the fleeting changes that create the sense of a place.  The Scottish landscape, particularly the islands, is perfect for this.  Because as we all know, the weather here seems to be ever-changing.

And by the time you read this, the rain will probably be a memory and the sun will be shining. Maybe.

Thanks for reading!


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